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Central Living are an established modern furniture store located on Little Claredon Street, Oxford. Over the past two years they have been working on creating an ecommerce store. The aim of the site is to provide their local customers with the ability to browse amd purchase anytime and anywhere, and build a wider national audience using the power of the web.

Our task was to assist them on their quest to ultimately increase ecommerce sales through the website. Using SEO we increased the number of website visitors and conversion optimisation increased the ratio of visit to sale.

Key Features

On page optimisation - Building pages with keyword structure that matches our overall site keyword strategy. We used the latest ecommerce design techniques to ensure our keyword game was strong, and also improving user experience and conversion rates.

User experience- Using analytics and user behaviour tracking we identified how users were travelling through the website and looked for ways to make it easier for users to buy.

Central Living website

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