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Wurzel are a superfast broadband provider in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Wurzel got in touch with us at Digital SME to help them with their online marketing. In true Digital SME style, we went straight after improving conversions. Each month conversions grew again and again. We implemented Google Analytics conversion tracking to monitor user behaviour, tracked and analysed their competitors, performed intensive SEO to ensure they are found in Google searches and used A/B split testing to establish the most effective website designs for optimal conversions. Wurzel are a rapidly expanding organisation and we are looking forward to working with them every step of the way. If the first twelve months are anything to go by, we are in for a hell of a ride.

Key Features

PPC location targeting - Using AdWords and social campaigns to target users determined by their location we advertised directly to the towns and villages with broadband blackspots.

Conversion Focused SEO - Building website content to rank highly for targeted search terms to bring desired website visitors to the website and encouraging interaction with the sales team using strategically planned calls to actions.

We rocked it with Wurzel and they are now quickly becoming the leading wireless broadband provider in Oxfordshire. See Wurzels website for yourself at Oxfordshire Broadband.

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